“Yoga” became Popular!!!

Yoga must be a part of life today. It’s True…..As it’s importance and it’s use, the Indian Ambassador at abu dhabi will organised a variety day for Yoga. The main aim is to promote the importance of Yoga in family life. The programme will started with a “sweet smile”.Yes, smile is as all. it will provide an energy in our life and to think all positively, After that each steps in Yoga will present.We will need to adopt it as the part of our lives and to became an owner for good health and strong citizen….we will…..if we start to try…..



Happy Fathers Day !!!

Today is Father’s day. In this day, we dedicated all the happiness to our fathers….Father is one of the ideal person which help us to move forward in our life….Also Father is not only a person, also to protect our families from all others…A good Father is act as a god to show his responsibilities and take all the thing as his own….So, in this occasion, we must have to pray god that he will give us as a gift to our lives as a “Father”. Happy Fathers Day to all….Hats off!!!Fathers-Day.jpg