Happy Fathers Day !!!

Today is Father’s day. In this day, we dedicated all the happiness to our fathers….Father is one of the ideal person which help us to move forward in our life….Also Father is not only a person, also to protect our families from all others…A good Father is act as a god to show his responsibilities and take all the thing as his own….So, in this occasion, we must have to pray god that he will give us as a gift to our lives as a “Father”. Happy Fathers Day to all….Hats off!!!Fathers-Day.jpg



K.Srikanth crabes Super Series Trophy!!!

Today is another day of happiness to India….K. Srikanth wins the Indonesian Super Series Trophy by defecting Japan in Final…It’s a new beginning of the new super star in badminton!! All the Indian Badminton supports are happy to hear that…..It’s the first time, he wins this super series trophy. All the very best to him for his win!!!!live-badminton-score-7591.jpg

Kerala comes Topper!!!

Our Honourable Prime minister Shri. Narendra Modi announced that Kerala is became topper in literacy which inspires to our country and also world. He suggested that Kerala became the first to achieve 100% literacy all over India. On the occasion of P.N Panicker’s foundation celebrating Reader’s day, he comment this. It’s a great moment to Kerala that our reading habits will come forward to all over India and across world.

India Vs Pakistan Champions Trophy Final-create another history today

Today is the climax of the champions trophy where India and Pakistan faces together at Oval, London at 3.00 pm. It’s 9th time, India and Pakistan fight together in final. Both teams are in tremendous form and try to defect. Now a days, we heard about some conflicts and border issues relating India-Pakistan and the main speciality is that in this issues are still going on, the game will play on today. All our supports are wait to watch the game and will wish to win India and create a new history in champions trophy….All the great success to Team India!!!!



Today especially Kerala pupil’s are happy to see that one of our greatest dream came to an end!! we got the Metro Rail to Kochi….After a long journey of discussions, decisions relating problems, political interference and others etc…finally we reached the platform that we got one of the most infrastructural facilities and highly latest technology related rail to our country. It’s a proud moment!!!

Today Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi inaugurated these dream to our country. We need to thank all the participants who working behind in this mission. It’s a beginning….we need more other projects which will come to Kerala very soon……it’s our wish…….