World looking towards India!!!

As per the words of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, India became more forward in the field of industrial growth and as started a better platform to other countries for a good friendly business relationship in India. On the occasion of 2 day visit in America, he says this to the global industrial leaders as “Google, Amazon & Apple”…..India started so many developmental steps in the field of Industrial area, will getting the world to come forward and start business. He also says that India became a good depositor friendly nation that also come forward other nations towards India!!!


“Eid” will make a day happiness!!!

We are all happy to see if any festival day is to come, all, are enjoying, loving together and will wish to do something, get something and make happiness to all others…”Eid” is also a day that all the people will wish together and make each one happy and love as a brother-sister relationship. We wish that on this way all the entire world will make happy each other and unique between us and to create a peaceful atmosphere everywhere. we wish to avoid all the harmful ways and to adopt a right way to live and happy…May wish all the day is as same which is happened in a special day….


Big Panda gives love to two country!!!

Are you surprise? it’s true!!! Meng Meng & Jio King from Beijing has been taken into Germany after a 12 hours of flying! China has donated these two big panda to Germany for providing shelter to them for at least 15 years..China has started to give this gift to germany from 1980. It is amazing and surprising to hear this news……will continuing this…..


Eye in the Sky!!!

Yesterday another remarkable day happened in India, Cartosat 2E has successfully launched by ISRO at Satheesh Dhawan Space Centre, Sreeharikota. It’s main aim is to observe the earth with is helpful for the armed force. The main speciality is ISRO launched another 30 satellite with this…countries like France, Germany, U.S.A satellites are included!!! Also this was PSLV’s s 40th launch session and it creates another history in satellite launching field….Wish a great success to ISRO!!!




Cartosat 2E

Karna-a Great Warrior!!!!

As we know about Mahabharata and it’s true hero named Karna. He is a great warrior among all the other and his personality and responsibility is specialised throughout these ethic.. The main content is he will want that anything that we can do is depend upon only his own performance, also he wish that any caste/religion which needed the right to live and right to perform his abilities in society as anyone can do with full freedom. He also wish that all the religion and caste have equal rights and freedom to do something in life..It’s a message…..bring to society today…..also we are all forgot about it…..Please do something……


Taxi in Sky!!!

Is it possible to see a Taxi on the Sky?? Can we imagine that? it’s not a dream. it will come in Dubai after this year end….maximum load capacity of this taxi is 2  and the main speciality is that it’s a driver less one…the maximum speed of this taxi is about 50 Kilometres per hour and if we charged it to 40 minute, will fly on 30 minute. it will functioned only on 9 battery…..we will wait to see this magic that will happen on Dubai!!!!


Taxi will see on Dubai Sky!!!


“Yoga” became Popular!!!

Yoga must be a part of life today. It’s True…..As it’s importance and it’s use, the Indian Ambassador at abu dhabi will organised a variety day for Yoga. The main aim is to promote the importance of Yoga in family life. The programme will started with a “sweet smile”.Yes, smile is as all. it will provide an energy in our life and to think all positively, After that each steps in Yoga will present.We will need to adopt it as the part of our lives and to became an owner for good health and strong citizen….we will…..if we start to try…..